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Google Map Rankings

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Google Map Rankings

If your small business is looking to gain a dominant online presence in your local market – you’ve come to the right place. Our company prides itself both in its free information on this site – as well as the services we perform for clients – to help you be at the top of the search engines for the terms your customers are searching for.

One way to get immediate customers is to get your business on Google Maps for local search terms. If you’re already on there, then you can improve your ranking with a few smart tips.

Lets just say it’s 6:00pm and I’m hungry, I jump online and search for [Domino’s Pizza in Portland] [Domino’s Pizza in Colorado Springs] now I’m going to get a maps search results page on Google Maps which will provide a list of Domino’s Pizza locations in Portland, Oregon which is in my opinion a very useful search result since I live in Portland and Colorado Springs.

Here is my reason behind it and why! The search results page contains their contact information for every Domino’s Pizza, and displays their business locations on the map. So this page is considered a relevant search query and provides me a fast quality search result.

If you were to use Google’s image search for [Domino’s Pizza in Portland or Colorado Springs] this is pure awesomeness in my opinion considering your searching an image, and very helpful in providing me with a way to order the pizza from Yelp, Google, Facebook and even Domino’s!

Now if your not on Google Maps… maybe its time to put yourself on the map..literally and its pretty dang simple! :)

Here is the link to put your business on Google Maps

Google Maps – Apps on Android Market › Apps › Travel & Local

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