Google Plus Local Rank Factors

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Google+ Local

Google Plus Local Rank Factors

Google+ Local

One of the better methods to acquire “Google Love” and enhance your Google+ Local is to get as many citations as possible.

Citations are clients placing votes or reviews of the business. If a person is willing to take time to “check-in” on Google Maps, Facebook and FourSquare, this means they like trust and respect that business.

Get your clients involved and get them to mention you all over the internet. The more citations and reviews the greater your Google+ Local ranking factor is going to be.

This also helps search engines like Google find your business. Think about this! Once the check-ins and reviews stop flowing in, your Places ranking goes down.

Next we have to learn to cope with the “IP address problem.” The concept behind this problem is: In the event you publish several reviews to Google+ Local. Google can and will penalize your ranking.

This really is completely accurate. Google has mentioned that the purpose of the Local Review atmosphere is to persuade clients to check-in and publish reviews about the business, while they’re still at or after departing your business.

So the question is how can you, being the ‘manager’ of the client’s online presence, still publish reviews without getting your client’s website penlzied? You will find several methods which I have discovered in the last couple of weeks that cope with this problem.

  1. Publish any and all reviews you obtain on your client’s website rather than on their Google+ Local page. Remember, when I stated before, that you may want to optimize the review just a little to include the business name (ABC Motors) for example, if the customer left it out, at this time, the only real ethical method to publish reviews from your customers who have given you a written review. It’s okay to have a page on your website with several recommendations or client testimonials.
  2. Like I mentioned before you want to encourage clients to leave their email addresses for a 10% or 20% off coupon on their next visit. Setup an e-mail template for the autoresponder that states: Thank you visiting [Your Place Of Business]! We appreciate your business and would like to hear what you think of our services! Just click on the link to leave us an incredible review, and mention us by name in your review so we know where to send your discount coupon!
  3. Facebook is being incorporated in citations and reviews for your Google+ Local page, and you will be assured that many people who go to your business may have a Facebook account. Simply request clients to post in your wall and ‘Like’ the page to get a free coupon. ( You have the ability to create a Facebook application that provides customers a choice of advertising to any or all their Facebook friends that you recieved a coupon while you shop or “Like” their business.)
  4. QR codes allow anybody having a mobile phone to scan and then leave an reviews for you on your website of choice. You may make a QR code directing them to your website, your business email address, simply get it translate to plain text with a call to action. Once you’ve produced it your QR code, you can have it printed on the receipt, placed alongside a register – a QR code can go anywhere you can think of!  You can even put a QR code on your business cards – “Just scan this” and then leave us a review! Check out this cool tool for generating FREE QR codes yourself.
  5. Use your Twitter to send out tweets to allow your clients know to leave reviews, and also to offer discounted specials to individuals that leave reviews on the websites they connect to. Plus, it’s quite simple to create a QR code to connect to your Twitter account and say “follow us for deals!” this creates and engaged customer and more of a willingness to leave reviews.

Also, if you would like to take it a step further, you can contact us… for a special half hour consultation free of charge. 503-560-7884

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