Create a Custom QR Code


Custom QR Codes Go Hand In Hand Like Ice-Cream And Chocolate Sauce.  

What is a QR code? In simple terms, QR code represents Quick Response code.

Do I need a to create a QR code? The answer is Yes! When used properly QR codes can add value to your brand. When not used properly they’re just wasting space.

Think about the many benefits of incorporating QR codes into your marketing plan?

Mobile users are frustrated by slow, clunky sites that are ill-suited for smartphones and other Internet-enabled mobile devices. Too often, important information is buried under images and text that is irrelevant to visitors on the go.

QR codes are a great way to engage with visitors and to turn their offline experiences into memorable online experiences.

After all, these quick response codes are growing in popularity worldwide as an effective marketing tool. These small black-and-white two dimensional barcodes embedded with your information is a great way to attract new customers.

You’re starting to see QR codes on signs, on stickers in storefront windows, on buses, business cards and even T-shirts. One click your Smartphone camera can scan the code and transmit the information immediately.

In just a few seconds, a potential customer has your company’s web address, phone number, SMS message or your upcoming Calendar events. QR codes make print media more interactive if done correctly.

It’s an easy marketing technique because most Smartphones sold today have a built-in QR code scannner. If not, it is super easy to download a FREE app from your mobile service providers “Market Place” if you have Android then its the “Google play Store” and if your rocking an iPhone then go to “iTunes”.

As more companies embrace QR marketing, they will begin to increase their brand recognition. QR codes also provide a company with a limited marketing budget an effect marketing strategy if done correctly.

QR codes are an opportunity to connect with your customers and to turn a scan into an experience. You now have the ability to send coupons or discounts immediately while they are shopping.

Remember, it’s not the technology, it’s how you use it.

Another thing to think about is your QR code campaign is not just about the QR code but the mobile experience the QR code resolves.

In fact, you can say that entire experience including finding your companies QR code in the marketplace, the scanning process, the mobile experience and the payoff to the user are all factors that must be taken into consideration before executing your campaign.

QR codes are nifty and beneficial but they only represent a small percentage of your overall marketing execution. Here are the real figures of the current QR code market.


Study Courtesy: Emarketer

Using the latest marketing tools for your business creates a great impression for future customers. It means you’re not only keeping up with technology, but making a statement that you’re keeping ahead in your industry as well.

The whole enchilada, QR codes and consumer adoption is slow, advertisers and marketers must keep pushing forward and Go!

QR codes are “silent salespeople.” ~ Jeremy Mandile  

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