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What is a Mobile Website

Mobile Websites?

Do you have a mobile friendly version of your website because the world is going mobile websites! –  Your customers are trying to engage with you. Ignoring them is like not doing business with your customers on MondayTuesday, and part of Wednesday. Your most important business asset in 2012 is going mobile.

  • One in three mobile searches are for local businesses.  Maybe if you don’t have a mobile friendly version of your website. Are you putting 1/3 of your resources into mobile?
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Here is what a .com website looks like on a PC screen. See below.

Usually the .com non-mobile friendly websites present obstacles to a consumer who is searching for information about your business. The large PC sites require scrolling and a consumer is likely to scroll right past the information they’re looking for (phone numbers, addresses, etc.). or they get frustrated and leave your website since it cannot be seen properly on their mobile screen.

A (m. or .mobi) is a mobile friendly websites present the information in a very clear, loads quickly and very easy-to-navigate fashion with links to pertinent pages scrolling only up and down (not side to side). There is a minimum of graphics and extensive information.

Here is an example of a .mobi website on a mobile screen below.

 <<<<<<< Mobile Friendly

Not  Mobile Friendly >>>>>>>>


Please Note: Less than 1% of .com, .net and .org  sites are mobile web friendly.

This means there’s a 99% chance your website isn’t mobile friendly!

It’s imperative that businesses get their online mobile presence in shape.

Local and national businesses need to look at how they will harness the future of location based insights and mobile marketing to deliver to most relevant offers and incentives to their target audience.

Their purchasing power has gone mobile. Buyers now can check-in, compare prices and even leave reviews from their smartphone in just a few seconds for future buyers to read about.


  • There are 5.3 billion mobile subscribers (that’s 77 percent of the world population)
  • Four out of five teens carry a wireless device, and the majority (57%) view their cell phone as the key to their social life
  • 82% of all Americans never leave home without their mobile phone. Half of all Americans sleep with their mobile phone.
  • More than four in 10 Americans say they “can’t live” without their mobile phone.
  • 79% of smartphone users would find it useful to download money-off coupons to their phones.
  • 73% of smartphone users would receive instant money-off coupons as they pass by an item in a store.


According to consumer research by The MMA and Lightspeed Research (October 2010), in UK, France and Germany, 45 percent of consumers (especially younger people) noticed mobile advertising and of these, 29 percent responded to it. Of those that responded to the ads, in Germany 49 percent, UK 47 percent and in France 22 percent went on to make a purchase.

There is growing demand for access to local online products and services. We can help you get onboard and stay current with the latest mobile technology. Contact Mandile Marketing today for a free mobile marketing analysis! 503-560-7884

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