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10 Tips for a Better Facebook Fan Page

Just imagine if you created one of the most popular Facebook Fan Pages for your niche. Think of how much local traffic that could mean for your business especially if you’re selling products or services.

How big could your client base become if you did a few things right? Ever heard the money is in the list? Well its 100% true and I suggest you start building a subscriber list? Anyways lets just say five or ten years from now your ready to exit the business, sell your corner of digital real estate and your client base.

This has been within everyone’s reach – but you have to follow these 10 tips for a better Facebook Fan Page…

1. Start sharing a survey your fans to find out what they want and like.       

Creating these short surveys for your fan page creates interaction and in turn you will see the difference in your weekly summary for your Facebook Pages aka (Insights): being very interactive is a good thing, it also starts to give you ideas of the kind of content and or solutions your fans are looking for.

2. Don’t forget your fans and produce a reason to “LIKE” and “Share” your Facebook Fan page.

Share content that’s worth re-sharing as long as it’s valuable content – tips and answers your market may have to pay for – this way they like, trust and respect you as an establish expert in your niche.

3. Share trending or controversial topics to spur new discussions.

When there’s a controversy going on in your niche or the online world like SOPA, decide which side of the fence you’re on and blog about it and push your fans hot buttons. Creating a call to action at the end of your post by asking your readers for their feedback and then give them your opinions..even if they are emotionally charged, people are more likely to join in and comment.

4. Join the other Facebook discussions.

Your Facebook Fan page is not an island. Start visiting other fan pages in your niche and join the discussions. Like their posts. Even better, write a comment.

5. Since Facebook and Twitter doesn’t share! Google Plus does…so optimize your posts for the search engines.

Don’t be anal in my opinion and crazy and try to optimize everything you share or post on FB….keep that for your blog if you have one! Make it a point to optimize at least one post per week related to your niche, you’ll start to see a steady increase in “LIKES” and “SHARES” which means more traffic to your Fan page and or your business.

Tip: Tools like Google’s Keyword tool is free and easy to use. Helps you uncover your keywords in your niche. Low competition words are the best ones to choose. So I mentioned earlier if you had a blog then this is where this will work best. For every 100 words of content written you will include your keywords two or three times.

6. Create your blog with password-protected post. This arouses their curiosity!

When they notice that you lock up your best content behind password protected posts (with the passwords only being available to your subscribers). Good content is key. You can bet they’ll subscribe. Curiosity wins!

7. Making Killer headlines.           

As such, use headlines that include power words like “how to”, “amazing”, “secrets” and “discover”. Why did you read the last thing you read? The headline grabbed your attention and that was the deciding factor on whether you read the post or not.

8. Whats your posting and sharing style like? (some long, some short, etc).

You don’t post 500 word articles every single post. Instead, switch it up and post short articles with different styles and add images.

9. Interaction in social media is a must! Must answer your readers and their comments period.

Your comment section isn’t just for your fans to talk amongst themselves – this is like your “Home” it’s a hub for you to interact with your fans and prospects. Are you guilty of this? Not responding to comments on your fan page or blog, you’re you’re missing out on a huge opportunity and even some sales… people buy from those they know, like and trust, I learned that back in the car business. Remember when you interact on any social media platform in any form you are creating your social media identity.

10. Make blogging routine in 2012.

Imagine writing one blog post per day and sharing it with your fans and clients, you would have 365 blog posts and this equals more readers, subscribers and income!

In sum: Don’t create a huge Fan page of uninterested people… its not a numbers game, its about creating an interesting  fan page full of interactions of tips and advice and raving fans.  Learn to blog its fun!

Its all about baby steps.

-Jeremy Mandile

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