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Article Submissions Work

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Just type into Google Search Engine Optimization aka (SEO), and you will find articles scattered from all around the web. Next, look for “how to get your rankings higher?”

You probably found endless amounts of information. So its all about getting links aimed at your website that are of real value to Google, Bing and Yahoo can be difficult to come by if done if you do not do it correctly and basically a waste of a business owners time.

So make sure you stay away from Link Farms also known as (link farming) they lack value and therefore are overlooked by search engines like Google and then they are giving the notorious Google Slap! I think was a great decision by Google. Link farms with their endless links throughout the web always get slapped.

But you have to be very pro-active about submitting and refining your internet presence since SEO sometimes may take several weeks or even months to settle in and see true results. That is undoubtedly the toughest part of “selling” search engine optimization or (SEO) to clients.

That is the most effective way it works! If someone tells you different… just Google it! Search Engine Optimization is not easy or simple to do. That is why article submissions work.

Google itself rates websites according to over 200 ranking criteria, and constantly keeps fine-tuning their new Panda updates.This could be as much as 700 times a year.

Everything is dependent upon your business goals and targets, the character of your niche, your target audience, and much more. It really does pay to have someone that knows what they are doing to assist you. We charge on a monthly basis to get this done the correct way.

This is about building targeted traffic to your website with quality content and a well written article. The big factor here is doing the little things consistently and every single time.

I have been monitoring and using sophisticated analytics during the last few years which helps me produce better results for clients and myself.

Most people are afraid to write articles. I was one of those individuals that didn’t believe I could write quality content.

The questions were running rampant:

  • ·         I am not sure of things to write about
  • ·         I am not a great writer
  • ·         I am not an expert

The greatest obstacle to overcome is that negative mindset. You are in a certain profession, so who better to talk about the company than you! Just sit down and get it done!

These links are only one way, back links NOT reciprocal links. I did not provide a backlink to obtain these links to the site. They were all produced with just one well written article.

Your links are incorporated within the Bio part of the article. You can have the links point to your website. You have no control on a franchise or corporate website. When you own your website your able to add your keywords to it, also the same keywords that are contained inside your article, will match the keywords on your website.

You also score greater if they are intertwined and highly relevant to one another. Therefore, keywords within the article associated with the keywords, on your site,  which will result in greater rankings.

Do you struggle writing articles? Hire a ghost writer to write your articles. At Mandile Marketing we can also write and submit your articles.


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