10 Strategies for Generating Traffic Through Social Media

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10 Strategies for Generating Traffic Through Social Media

1.  Make sure to Complete your profile.

  • When you create your Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn, complete your profile (having a picture). This can help your fans or followers develop a lasting relationship using Social media, which makes it much more likely they’ll click and check out your website.

2. Daily Interaction.

  • Obviously, social media means to be social and interact. This is a two way road you shouldn’t just publish content and ignore your comments or likes. Rather, spend twenty minutes of every day interacting and actually get to know your followers and fans within your social network.

3. Always include a link to your website on your profile page. 

  • This tip is straight forward and effective: Entice people and give them a reason to click through to your website or landing page offer them a FREE solution to their problem.

4. Ask your followers and fans to “retweet” and repost your content.

  • Produce “buzzworthy”  content about trending topics or something controversial, ask your Twitter fans to “retweet” it and ask your Facebook Fans to re-post it. Remember sharing is caring!

5. Spend twenty minutes each day growing your network.

  • You’re going to see results month after month if you spend time creating your social media presence now,  just imagine a year from now.

6. Link your social media site pages together. 

  • Don’t forget to link up your Twitter account to your Facebook, Twitter to LinkedIn, Squidoo, HubPages and yes even your Myspace if you still have it.
7. Always use your real name so that you’re easy to find.

  • People who do business with you won’t respond well to working with “Soccer2012.” Using your real name builds trust. Also makes it easier for others to find you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube.

8.  Post quality content.

  • Social media is about sharing quality information. Sharing your best information within your networks, you’ll get respect, trust… and establish yourself as a niche expert.

9. Optimize your content.

  • Some social sites get crawled and indexed regularly by the search engines. Optimizing your content for the search engines by including relevant (longtail) keywords within your content.

10. Maximize your time.

  • Interact and build relationships with your prospects, building a relationship with a handful of partners versus a thousand. One good partner can send you hundreds of prospects and customers.


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